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Demo of the Month

From season finale of HAPPYish on Showtime, this is a clip of the agency meeting featuring the JP Morgan "Radical Capitalism" ad voiced by Mitch Phillips.

"Great voice... Great production... equals Great Branding... Mitch nails it!"

- Tim Sabean, SVP Howard Stern Channels on Sirius XM

"Mitch is extremely directable, and did I mention dependable? Mitch always brings something to the table."

- Matt Smith - Owner at Voice Talent Warehouse


About Mitch

"Colorful, Versatile, Edgy"

From his padded studio and playpen, Mitch sends voiceovers to ad agencies, TV, and cable and production companies and TV and radio affiliates across the planet. Mitch takes direction like a champ and enjoys working closely with creative professionals to find the “voice in their head”, and help brand their products with his unique voice.

"Informative, Knowledgeable, Playful"

Over the last 20 years, his bold and exciting reads have been heard on national commercials, sports promos, affiliate imaging campaigns and movie trailers. The best news is he is available to be the unique and memorable sound of your brand.

Studio and Sound

  • Acoustically neutral voice room
  • Sennheiser 416 Mic
  • Neumann U87 Mic
  • Phone Patch
  • Lauten FC-387 Mic
  • Avalon VT737SP Preamp

  • Neumann TLM103 Mic
  • Rode NTG3 Mic
  • Custom 27" iMac
  • Source Connect
  • Universal Audio Apollo Interface

Clients and Testimonials

NHL Voice Over

"When you've got a commanding voice like Mitch does, and you add a personality that is definitely one-of-a-kind, you have a stand-out combo of double talent. A real client pleaser."

- Kate Bacon - Well Dunne! Talent Management · 602-288-9043

"Mitch is all about super serving his clients, certainly went above and beyond for me at WTIC Hartford. Great with direction and eager to please."

-Paul Douglas - Cox Media Group Atlanta Radio

"Why do I keep using him? Easy, his voice is unique, so you can count on your message standing out from everything else on the air. And, Mitch 'gets it.'"

- Dan Gitlitz - VP/Group Creative Director at Zimmerman Advertising

"Every time I need that stand out voice for a promo or trailer, I call Mitch. I'd email the script, direct on the phone, he emails me the file. It's that simple."

- Stephen Eckelberry - Freelance Film Editor at Good & Plenty Productions